Develop Portal using liferay I-Develop Portlet

Lets begin on  how to build a portal with liferay. Familiarize with below term while develop portal:

  1. Portlet.
  2. Theme
  3. Hook
  4. Layout

Capability on develop those four components is necessary in order to build a portal.

I assume you familiar with Java in order to develop portlet while 3 others component is good to have but not mandatory.


Install it liferay eclipse plugin(

Download liferay SDK  and extract it

Download liferay tomcat bundled (6.2 CE edition) and extract it

Configure Eclipse for SDK liferay and tomcat bundled refer to image below for this step



Now let’s rock by creating a project for a portlet

Create new project (we will use ant instead of maven since its easier.



The generated code will be like this


Start to deploy your first portlet




Start Server




Check if Ojolali portlet is deployed


In view mode after added into a page looks like below





Now you can start build your own portlet. 🙂

The source code for article can be downloaded from




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