My First TCL/TK

Well, Now I start to learn tcl/tk now since its cool, handy and very useful tools.

First of all to start tck/tk, make sure you installed tck/tk intrepreter in your computer.

For linux and mac by default will be there. To check it for TCL type  in console this command, it will bring us to let us start tcl command on console sign by % at console.


for tk interpreter type this command, it will show a popup window


To verify the exact version of Tcl/Tk that you are running, from the Wish console type the following:
%info patchlevel

After tcl/tk installed, create a file and copy paste this script

Here is my first script

button .hello -text Hello -command {puts "Hello Mujoko!"}
pack .hello -padx 10 -pady 10

And the pop up window with a button will be like this.


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