Datawarehouse Design (2)

The next phase should be done is to determine the measure and dimensionfor all the necessary information management Measure the numerical data to search for traces of its value, while the dimension is a parameter or point of view of the measure so as to define a transaction.

For example, for information on “goods of the most widely sold in certain locations throughout the year”,

  • Measure : total sales
  • Dimension : goods, year (time / period), location

As for the information “goods where most revenue throughout the year”,

  • Measure : Total revenue
  • Dimension : goods, year (time / period)

Dimension has a hierarchy. Determination of the hierarchy for dimension is entirely dependent on the drill down and roll-ups who want dilakukaan while doing OLAP (OnLine Analythical Processing) later.

For the above example, hierarchy of each dimension are:

  • Returns: name of goods, sub-categories, category
  • Period: week, month, year
  • Location: village, district, city


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