ABAP Technical Spesification

Dari milis sap indonesia :

ABAP Technical Spesification

ABAP technical specification kerangka nya adalah sebagai berikut.

Technical Specification contains:
1. Header: Title, System Category, Sub Category, …
2. Change History: When, by, description, …
3. Program Attribute: name, title, type, tcode, include, app area, package, authorization group, description, …
4. Program configuration: table, parameter, language key, address, …
Describe the program configuration to avoid hardcoding. "Single" means only one record to be proceed in the program even you input range value.
5. Selection screen layout
Display how the selection screen should look like, e.g.: frames, buttons, select options, radio buttons, check boxes, default value, etc
6. Selection parameter
Describe the selection parameter type, default value and validation to perform for the selection screen
7. Initialization
Describe the processing logic before the selection screen is displayed, e.g.: default value, parameter id
8. At selection screen
Describe the processing logic in screen event of a selection screen, e.g.: OUTPUT for modify screen, ON VALUE-REQUEST for search help
9a. Function Exit / BADI / BTE Information (if any)
Describe the functionality, method and parameter of function
9b. Dialog Program Information (if any)
Describe the functionality, PBO, PAI, Screens, GUI Status, & tcode
10. Authorization Objects and checks to be used
11. Technical Flow Diagram
This flow should describe main processes, input/output files and tables.
12. Detail Program Logic
Describe in detail the overall processing flow/logic related to technical flow diagram.
13. Output Field Mapping
Mapping field in report, internal table and database table
14. Form Detail
Describe form layout, windows and detail program logic in form.
15. Objects to be Created
Indicate any objects that must be created for this program, e.g.: table, view, structure, data element, domain, table maintenance, matchcodes, lock objects, type-pools, parameter id, authorization object, etc.
16. Additional Comments

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