Service Interaction SLEE

Sesi terakhir training open cloud, sayangnya lupa bawa buku catatan. Ya udah blog dipake buat nyatet aja 🙂

Starting here :

Service Interaction SLEE

Operators are under pressure to bring new produscts to make faster, at reduduce cost

SIS FEsature
1. Can operater with ext IN or IMS Service
2. Build on JAIN SLEE, allowing



Failure HAndlre Triger –trigger prioruty 0128 o make sure will be execute last

SCP (Service Control POint)

OCS (Online Charging Service)

HLR (Home Location Register )

MSC (Mobile Switching Central)

SMSC (SMS Switching Central)

IDP (Initial Detection Point)

SCIM (Service Capability Interaction Manager )

OCS SCCP addresss

Composition Selectors

3 types

1 Constant value

2 Profile lookup

3 service logic SIS wil invoke a JAIN SLEE service which will determinethe composition to use

profile composition Selector


Reusable extension  for use in composition and trigger

macros are define in XML

example  a macro for checking whether an IDP is an originating trigger

Macro can reference to other macro

Extention Service

pre-invoke block is the sample of extention Service

Once a service composition has been selected the SIS can still evalutae

This can be SBB.

Resource AD Development

Connecting from SBB to External Protocol such as INAP Protocol,


Finite State Machine


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